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Wedding Cake

Our Wedding Cakes Dazzle

From an intimate gathering to an elaborate celebration, let us create the perfect wedding cake for you. Rustic, elegant, modern, or unique- we can create a cake that tastes as wonderful as it looks.

Have a Wedding Coming Up?

Feel free to browse through our gallery of wedding cakes. Often it’s helpful to bring photos of cakes you like, elements from your ceremony or imagination and anything else that might inspire you.

Wedding Cake Frequently Asked Questions​

Absolutely! FIRST, please fill out a wedding cake quote form. If the price point is comfortable with your budget, we will then schedule a tasting. At pickup, we can go over all of the details, design, flavors and cost of the cake during your consultation. We can prepare a sample plate of our most popular flavors, or let us know what flavors you would like to try.

A deluxe tasting (9 cupcakes) is $20 and a mini tasting (4 cupcakes) is $10.

Our tiered cakes start at $4.50 per serving. Additional costs include speciality flavors, fondant and custom design elements.

All of this can be discussed during your tastings and consultation. 

Wedding cakes require a $100 retainer. Nonrefundable. This retainer will be subtracted from your final total.

The final total is due NO LATER than ONE WEEK prior to wedding date.

Yes. Baldwin County has a 9% Tax that we add onto your final bill.

Yes. Our minimum order on custom cakes is $75. 

Tell us how many servings you need along with number of tiers desired, and we will happily guide you to a proper cake size.

A standard wedding serving is 1” x 2” x 4”. Our cake tiers are actually closer to 5-6” tall. More cake is always a good thing!

Cake Flavors

  • Butter
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Chocolate Ripple
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Lemon
  • Almond
  • Marble
  • Red Velvet
  • Confetti
  • ** Carrot
  • ** Strawberry
  • ** Coconut
  • ** Butter Pecan
  • ** Cookies-n-Creme
  • ** Caramel


  • Vanilla buttercream
  • Almond buttercream
  • Lemon buttercream
  • Chocolate buttercream
  • Chocolate fudge
  • ** Raspberry buttercream
  • ** Strawberry buttercream
  • ** Coconut buttercream
  • **Peanut butter buttercream
  • ** Caramel buttercream
  • ** Oreo buttercream
  • ** Cream cheese


  • Vanilla buttercream
  • Almond buttercream
  • Lemon buttercream
  • Chocolate buttercream
  • Chocolate fudge
  • ** Strawberry Preserve
  • ** Raspberry Preserve
  • ** Blueberry Preserve
  • ** Blackberry Preserve
  • ** Raspberry buttercream
  • ** Strawberry buttercream
  • ** Coconut buttercream
  • **Peanut butter buttercream
  • ** Caramel buttercream
  • ** Oreo buttercream

** Denotes premium selection that will be an up-charge.

We recommend no more than 2 combinations.

Most couples choose one combination for the entire cake so that guests don’t have to pick.

A groom’s cake is a great opportunity to provide an additional flavor combination!

You should order as soon as you start planning your event. At a minimum, we request that you order 2 weeks ahead, but often our calendar is booked as far as 6 weeks out, so the sooner that you place your order, the more likely you are to reserve the date for your event.

We’ll notify customers via our Facebook page if any openings become available, so be sure to like us on Facebook to get notifications.

Yes, that is included in delivery but please have florist wrap the stems in floral tape for food safety

We do not carry cake toppers or cake stands, but you can provide your own.

The cake stand will need to be at least 2″ wider than the diameter of your base tier. This provides room for the cake board so that it doesn’t hang over the edge.

You can drop off your cake topper, and we will hold onto it until the wedding and then place it at delivery. Or, the cake topper can be left at the venue for placement upon delivery.

You can pick up the cake if you like during our normal business hours found on our contact us page.

We only deliver to Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores and Downtown Mobile.

Our Rates for Delivery Are:

  • Fairhope – $60
  • Daphne – $75
  • Spanish Fort – $80
  • Orange Beach/Gulf Shores – $100
  • Downtown Mobile –  $100

*** We Do Not Ship Our Cakes!

The reception site often dictates the arrival time. We call your reception site the week of the wedding and ask for a timeframe for delivery. Some locations are accessible all day, while others keep tight schedules that we will do our best to accommodate. 

Wedding cakes are usually delivered no later than one hour before your reception starts, but the venues availability and our availability could push the wedding cake to be delivered earlier than that window.

Wedding cakes 2 tiers or less can be picked up during your given pickup time. You will need to sign a liability waiver before taking the cake.

Wedding cakes 3 tiers or more MUST BE DELIVERED.

At this time we do not process credit cards. We do accept cash, check or you can send money via the Venmo app.

You certainly can, but we don’t recommend it. Instead, we offer a complimentary cake as a more delicious substitution.

To help you celebrate your first year of marriage, we will make you a complimentary 5″ round cake in the flavors of your original wedding cake. Simply call in the order a week before your anniversary, and we will have it ready for pickup. Free of Charge!

Nobody likes a freezer burned cake. Celebrate your sweet first year of marriage right!

No, we do not offer full service.

We will be happy to supply cake cutting guidelines. Please request these ahead of time.

Come Prepared! Bring 2 or 3 design choices/ideas. You may choose from images you find in our portfolio, magazine photos, images from the internet or your own sketches.

Color swatches from wedding materials are always helpful, including cloth, ribbon, lace, paint chips or wedding invitations. We’ll need to see anything you plan to incorporate into your cake.

If you plan on going forward with the order, you will need to be prepared to pay a $100 deposit, which reserves our services and is non-refundable.

The first consultation is free, so let’s get as much planning done as possible. Additional consultations are billed at $25 per 30 minutes.

Certainly not! All cake planning can be done online via email. We have done numerous weddings where we don’t meet the bride until the big day. Life is busy and we understand!

Delivery cost includes flower placement. For food safety, request that your florist wraps stems in floral tape. Flowers must be waiting upon delivery. Please provide an inspiration picture of flower placement at time of consultation.

NO. No, no, no. Cakes melt- especially in our high southern humidity.

If you insist on putting your wedding cake outside, you must sign a liability waiver at delivery.

Ready to Order Your Wedding Cake?

Beautiful, customized wedding cake with floral accents

Keep it Level, Keep it Cool.

  • Bring an enclosed, air-conditioned vehicle with a flat/level surface to set the cake on. Seats and laps are NOT level! A minivan, SUV, or hatchback is best. In cars, cakes should be placed in the car floorboard. If floorboard is small, please bring a towel to compensate for seat incline.
  • Clear your vehicle space of loose objects that could fall onto or roll into the cake.
  • During transport, KEEP YOUR VEHICLE AS COLD AS POSSIBLE! Heat and humidity are not good for cakes.
  • Drive carefully. Turns, stops and starts should be performed in an EXAGGERATEDLY SLOW manner. Avoid speed bumps, potholes, hills and use very slow speed on curves.
  • Please ensure that the pickup of your cake is the last of your trips before arriving to your final destination. You paid money for a beautiful cake – don’t ruin it!

Pick-up Waiver

If you have chosen to pick up your cake, Sugar House is NOT responsible for damage to the cake after it has left our supervision. Damaged cakes will not be refunded or replaced.